My short bio

Mr Batir Wardam is a Jordanian environmentalist with professional experience in disciplines of natural resource management, environmental policies and communication. He has a 15 years working experience in national academic institutions, NGOs, the government of Jordan and international and regional environmental organizations including UNDP and IUCN. 

Mr Wardam is currently working with UNDP as a project manager for the third national communication report on climate change (2012-2014).

His works covers many aspects of environment with special focus on natural resources management, ecosystem management and development of environmental policies and strategies. He has collected experience in the cross cutting issues of capacity development, knowledge management and environmental communication and outreach. 

In addition to environmental expertise Mr Wardam is a professional writer. He writes a daily column in Addustour newspaper since 2000 and has published 6 books, 20 technical reports and policy papers and more than 1000 media article on environmental and sustainable development issues. He has experience in editing and translation of technical environmental documents. 

Mr Wardam is keen on principles of political, economic and social reform based on social democracy approaches and has firm beliefs in the values of human rights, justice, freedoms and cultural diversity.

3 Responses to My short bio

  1. smithcraigandrew says:

    Thank you

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  3. sara says:

    i studied agricultural biotechnology
    i was wondering how can i join your great work!
    i would love to work with you guys
    please can anyone help me?

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