My Publications

        · 1995: Aquatic habitat survey in Dana wildlife reserve, RSCN/ GEF.

        ·  1996: Aquatic habitat survey in Mujib wildlife reserve, RSCN/ GEF.

        · 1996: “ The effect of water pollution on the Ecology and Development of the water     frog in Zarqa River, Jordan”, Master’s Degree Thesis, the University of Jordan.

        · 1998: The Dictionary of Ecology ( English- Arabic)- containing 2500 terms with Arabic definitions, the first dictionary of its kind in Jordan- Dar Al-shourok, Jordan.

        · 1999: Environmental Monitoring Guidelines in Aqaba, Gulf of Aqaba Environmental Action Plan.

        · 2000: The Environmental review of the Jordan-USA Free Trade Agreement– Government of Jordan ( Co-author)

        · 2001: the Environmental Management Plan for Jesus the Christ Baptism site-Jordan– Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities.  ( Co-author).

        · 2001: Approaches to Sustainability in Jordan– UNDP Jordan and Capacity 21-Newyork.

        · 2001: The State of Environment in Jordan 2000: Environmental Watch Programme, Jordan.

        · 2001: Case studies in NGO and Governance: A series of case studies of the role of NGO in governance issues in Jordan.

        · 2002: Guide to Biodiversity in Jordan & the World ( A guide targeted to youth), GEF/SGP publication  (Builders of the future Forum)

        · 2002  Jordan-Capacity 21 Country Evaluation– UNDP Jordan and Capacity 21 –New York

        · 1999-2002: 10 environmental policy papers published by the Environmental Watch programme-Jordan).

        · 2002: “Sustainable Germany from Southern Perspective” ( Co-author): A report assessing sustainability in Germany by five experts from southern countries, based on a tour of Germany in 2002.

        · 2002: “ Lessons in Sustainable Development”: An analysis of ten years of partnership between GEF/SGP and local communities in Jordan, Amman 2002.

        · 2003: Our World Is Not For sale: A sustainable development critique of globalization (In Arabic)

        · 2003: Globalization and the Fate of Earth: The effect of globalization on global development Issues ( In Arabic)

        · 2004: The Right to Water in Jordan: A case study on the UN right to water  concept in Jordan in a regional publication for the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Germany.

        · 2004: The Small Environmental Projects and local community development in Aqaba-Jordan: Case studies from the GEF Small Grants Programme ( in Arabic)

        · 2005: review of environmental strategies and other sectoral strategies and development of a framework for a new national environmental action plan in Jordan (in Arabic) – Ministry of Environment.

        · 2010: Environment and the right to information in Jordanian context- New Jordan Research center.  

        · 1993-2010:  Several studies and articles in the fields of environment, sustainable development, general science and technology, politics and culture in local and regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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