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Prince Hassan writes: Water Cooperation for a Secure World

On November 28th, 2013, HRH Prince Hassan will be officially launching the new Strategic Foresight Group report “Water Cooperation for a Secure World” in Amman, Jordan. The following article is a curtain raiser to the launch and discusses key messages … Continue reading

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Human Rights Approach to Environmental Management in Jordan

The connection between a clean environment and human rights is not a recent linkage. Environmental rights are essentially associated with the rights of a human for legal protection and his/her right of life and development as confirmed by the international … Continue reading

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Five Reasons for saving the Ministry of Environment in Jordan

Jordan went through an exceptional week. On Nov 13th the Prime Minister Abdullah Nsour, a veteran public bureaucrat and a former deputy has shocked Jordanians with a controversial decision to cut all subsidies on oil derivatives. This has resulted in … Continue reading

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Jordan Wikileaks Cables on Environment, Water and Energy

Wikileaks has just uploaded more than 4,000 new cables originating from the US Embassy in Jordan. Although most of the media concern is about the political content of those cables, there is a considerable number of cables dealing with Jordanian … Continue reading

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Reformers and Transformers in Jordan

During the past two months I have been a frustrated observer of the political reform fiasco in Jordan. I have written my daily articles in Addustour, with little conviction that they are meaningful at all and continued to feel depressed … Continue reading

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Jordan: Reform in the Darkness?

While Jordanians are actively engaging in demonstrations, set-ins and public debates over the process of the political reform in Jordan, they are facing the dangers of darkness, literally. I am not only referring here to the fact that the whole … Continue reading

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The Environmental Dimensions of Arab Revolutions

It has been a breathtaking show for the last couple of months, and is still open to all scenarios. The wave of Arab revolutions and public uprising has been changing the political landscape in almost all Arab countries since the … Continue reading

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