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Who Cares about Climate Change in Jordan?

Batir Wardam Climate change is becoming a major threat to sustainable development. While development can be simply described by a process that enhances people’s opportunities for s better livelihood, climate change is one of the emerging challenging facing the people … Continue reading

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Potential for a Green Economy in Jordan

Jordan is currently undergoing a process of deep political and economic change. For all people with positive thinking there is a hope that this transformation with result in a sustainable and effective system of economic and political governance. One of … Continue reading

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Green Economic Development in the Middle East

By: Batir Wardam It is easy to note that green economic development is gaining more momentum in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This can be attributed mainly to necessity more than a lucrative option to select between various … Continue reading

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Education and Training for Green Jobs in Jordan

By: Batir Wardam Jordan’s entrance to a knowledge economy depends not only on policies, legislation and regulations developed by the government or investments by the private sector. It is also based on qualified and well-trained human resources to deal with … Continue reading

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Measuring economic costs of environmental deterioration in Arab countries

By: Batir Wardam It has became a common conclusion for both environmentalists and “green economists” alike that any breakthrough in commitment to environmental remediation will only be economically feasible when the evidence is conclusive that the cost of remediation is … Continue reading

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