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The eventual meltdown of the nuclear program in Jordan

Update: Based on insider information the meeting today was fairly positive with the PM listening to all concerns raised by the experts and promised to form a committee to evaluate and investigate the process of the whole management of the … Continue reading

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Connecting Climate Change to Poverty reduction in Jordan

Climate change is expected to have a detrimental impact upon human development and poverty in Jordan. This will occur by increasing the severity of resource scarcity, which in turn makes access to natural resources more difficult. The poor are expected … Continue reading

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Water is the defining factor for development and peace in the Middle East

Water is an issue of life and death in Arab countries and is THE most limiting factor for sustainable development in this area. The Arab region is among the most water-scarce in the world. Due to increase in population growth … Continue reading

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Why are we against nuclear power in Jordan?

Three days ago, Jordan wittnessed its first anti-nuclear set-in. Not a spectacle in terms of number of people and methods applied, the participants comprised many concerend Jordanian citizens who are worried of the highly dangerous potential impacts of nuclear energy … Continue reading

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Jordan: Reform in the Darkness?

While Jordanians are actively engaging in demonstrations, set-ins and public debates over the process of the political reform in Jordan, they are facing the dangers of darkness, literally. I am not only referring here to the fact that the whole … Continue reading

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Strategic Foresight: Rethinking Middle East Water

The flow of reports and assessments on the water situation in the Middle East will never stop, while the actual water flows in rivers is being diminished. This is becoming a major hot issue that may contribute to more instability … Continue reading

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