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The eventual meltdown of the nuclear program in Jordan

Update: Based on insider information the meeting today was fairly positive with the PM listening to all concerns raised by the experts and promised to form a committee to evaluate and investigate the process of the whole management of the … Continue reading

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Arab Climate Policies and the “M” Word

It is obvious now that the world of climate change policies will not be the same as we knew it for the past 20 years. Durban’s COP 17 has ended the differentiation between developed (Annex 1) and developing countries (Non … Continue reading

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Jordan Wikileaks Cables on Environment, Water and Energy

Wikileaks has just uploaded more than 4,000 new cables originating from the US Embassy in Jordan. Although most of the media concern is about the political content of those cables, there is a considerable number of cables dealing with Jordanian … Continue reading

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Why are we against nuclear power in Jordan?

Three days ago, Jordan wittnessed its first anti-nuclear set-in. Not a spectacle in terms of number of people and methods applied, the participants comprised many concerend Jordanian citizens who are worried of the highly dangerous potential impacts of nuclear energy … Continue reading

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Jordan: Reform in the Darkness?

While Jordanians are actively engaging in demonstrations, set-ins and public debates over the process of the political reform in Jordan, they are facing the dangers of darkness, literally. I am not only referring here to the fact that the whole … Continue reading

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Sahara Forest in Aqaba to turn sun and seawater into food and drinkig water?

Honestly I was surprised more than thrilled to read about this next huge thing to be promised to materialize in Jordan. The report published by CosmicLog hosted by MSNBC does not shy away from stating that a new green machine will … Continue reading

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Green Economic Development in the Middle East

By: Batir Wardam It is easy to note that green economic development is gaining more momentum in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This can be attributed mainly to necessity more than a lucrative option to select between various … Continue reading

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