About the Blog

My name is Batir Wardam and I am a Jordanian environmental researcher and communicator with working experience in disciplines of natural resources management, environmental policies and environmental communication. I write a daily column in Addustour newspaper in Jordan focusing on political, economic and social issues from a sustainability perspective.

This blog attempts to discuss how the Arab world is confronting its chronic and emerging environmental challenges within the context of the deep political, economic and social changes sweeping the region, better known as the “Arab Spring”.

The blog was created in March 2012 as a continuation of the Arab Environment Watch blog that was functional between 2006-2010 at the domain www.arabenvironment.net

I hope you will find the information in the blog useful for your work and knowledge and I hope you will continue to follow up with the blog development and to provide me with any suggestions and feedback you feel necessary. If you would like to post any news items or articles about your work or the work of your organization that includes policy options and practical solutions to climate change challenges in Jordan and the region I would be privileged to post them.

Please contact me at batirw@yahoo.com or bwardam@gmail.com

Connect with me on www.facebook.com/batir.wardam

and follow me on Twitter @batirw

3 Responses to About the Blog

  1. Sam Little says:

    This is serious. And I do not mean to pull your leg. People worldwide have a problem with environmentalists. It is the perpetual point of ulterior motives in politics. Environmentalists seem to force themselves down the throats of industrialists and businesses claiming the good of the many against the good of the few. And often times they do have good reason and evidence that suggests that we are abusing the planet, and that we ought to mend our ways.
    However, we must ask ourselves, who do we put in charge of regulating industries and pollution.
    Do we put the same people who call themselves environmentalists, who have been accused of seeking personal power and gain, at the expense of hard working industrialists, amounting basically to extortion, or do we have to seek out arbitration through independent scientific councils. If I am a successful manufacturer, I do not want someone like Bater Wardam who does nothing but hang out with other environmentalists to control my business and my future.

  2. SMarquit says:

    Hi I have a question about your blog. Could you please shoot me an email when you get a chance? Thanks!

  3. Jean says:

    Hello Batir,

    I’m a university student, and i have a project regarding how environmental issues in Jordan are portrayed on national television. We have to go back and look at the trends for the past 20 years and see whether the coverage increased/decreased over time, etc.

    Any TV shows, discussions, awareness campaigns, brands promoting recycling can be included.

    Do you have any studies made on that?

    Kind Regards,

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