Jordan Wikileaks Cables on Environment, Water and Energy

Wikileaks has just uploaded more than 4,000 new cables originating from the US Embassy in Jordan. Although most of the media concern is about the political content of those cables, there is a considerable number of cables dealing with Jordanian issues related to environment, water, energy and other sustainable development priorities and include a lot of useful information.

This a complete list of all the Cables dealing with issues of natural resources management in Jordan to be used as an easy reference for interested parties

1- Environment:




 2002: Jordanian Ministry of Environment back on track


 2004: FTA Environmental Forum still on a fast track

 2004: Artificial Coral Reefs: Sharing the Jordanian experience with regional partners

 2005: New Environment Minister eager to move ahead with Agenda

 2005: Linking Environment and Health: EPA’s HELI Programme

 2005: Enthusiastic Participation in EPA Environmental Law

 2005: Jordan’s Environmental priorities

 2006: New Environment law

 2006: Satisfaction with New Environmental law

 2006: Environmental goods and services

 2006: Strengthening environmental protection

 2007 : Environnemental Police

 2008: Minister of Environment discusses environmental issues

 2008: Shift to unleaded gasoline

 2008: Successful Jordanian Environmental Enforcement Study Tour

 2009: FTA Joint Forum on Environmental Cooperation

 2009: UNCC Supported Badia Ecosystem Restoration Programme Takes –off

 2009: Arab network on environmental compliance

 2009: Jordan aligned with G77 and IPCC but observe fault lines developing

 2- Water:

2003: THE RED SEA – DEAD SEA CONVEYANCE PROJECT: A Conduit for regional cooperation?

 2003: Jordanian and Israeli Water Frustrations

 2003: Jordan’s Red-Dead Positions: You’re either will us or will do it alone

 2004: Jordan exercised over Red-Dead Inaction

 2005: Biblical Jordan River now Sewage-laden

 2005 Deal Signed on Red Dead Feasibility TORs

 2005 Red-Dead Feasibility Study

 2006: Jordan’s water and sanitation sector

 2007: Water update

2007 : Mafraq Drinking water Pollution

 2008 : Jordan strikes deal for Israeli water assistance

 2008: World Bank RED Dead Feasibility study commences

 2008: Jordan Water Conference cancelled because of Israel- Arab League disputes
2008: Red-Dead Feasibility Grapples with Funding Problems

 2009: Jordan-only Approach to Red Dead Gains traction

 2009: Water Pollution Incident to cast blame on Ministry of Water

 2009: Disi Water Project continues to encounter problems

 2009: Athens Red Dead Donor Committee meeting

 2010: Third Red Dead Donor Committee meeting in Le Hague

 3- Energy:

2006: Jordan Energy Plan

 2007: Electricity sector

 2007: First privatization deal in energy 

2008: Increased fuel prices

 2008: Restructuring of oil sector lagging

 2008: Jordan Puts Oil Share projects on hold to explore Uranium

 2008: Jordan’s 123 Agreement 

2009: Jordan’s Current Status in Nuclear Energy

 2009: Jordan’s Atomic Energy Commission rejects proposed change to 123 nuclear agreement

2009: Jordan Briefs Israel on nuclear energy plans

 2009: Jordan still objects proposed changes to 123 agreement 

2009: Jordan’s Energy Strategy: Much talk less Action

 2009: Jordan produces yellowcake

 2009: Jordan awards contract for nuclear energy project

 2010: Jordan signs nuclear cooperation agreement with Spain

 4- Agriculture:

2004: Jordan Inactive on LMOs 

2005: Regional biosolid workshop 

2007: Wheat Purchases

 2007: Feed Subsidy and Animal Census

2007: End of Feed Subsidy Programme

 2007: Date Palm Industry

 2008: Jordan prepares for potential summer drought

 2008: Grain Subsidy Programme

 2008: Impacts of rising food commodity prices

 2008: King Declares 2009 the Year of Agriculture

 5- Science & technology:

2003: Jordan: No Biotech Regulations

 2005: An overview of Jordan’s Health Sector

 2009: Changes in Jordan’s S & T establishment


About bwardam

Mr Batir Wardam is a Jordanian environmentalist with professional experience in disciplines of natural resource management, environmental policies and communication. He has a 15 years working experience with national academic institutions, NGOs, the government of Jordan and international and regional environmental organizations including UNDP, UNEP and IUCN. Mr Wardam is currently working with UNDP as a project manager for the third national communication report on climate change in Jordan.
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