Upcycling in Jordan: Creative Solutions

Managing the wastes coming out of our society, and turning them into useful products is the ultimate challenge for sustainability. Once we make the elusive transition from a disposable culture into a re-use culture we can be able to manage of resources in a smart way. However such a transition needs creative thinking and implementation and needs pioneers that would walk the talk and go the extra mile needed to provide practical answers.

One of those creative people is Hana Faouri, the young Jordanian lady who has embarked on a very ambitious and pioneering project for managing wastes. She introduces the term ‘upcycling” instead of the more traditional “recycling”. In this method, she “upgrades” various items of waste into more useful and sustainable products, creating new products that have more value added than the original sources of wastes. 

Hana has a new blog http://myupcycledlife.blogspot.com in which she introduces samples of her creative work and describes how the idea all started. Hana has took the risk of getting out of her comfort zone by quitting her jobs and starting this adventure. In such a condition you must have the PASSION that will help you and guide you to never regret your move and of course to focus properly on the new approach that may not yield financial gains at once. This is how entrepreneurs are born, or let us say…enlightened!

Care for a new notebook?

I wish the best for Hana, we need positive and passionate people like her and I hope she will move forward with more thrilling ideas and get the rewards and recognition she deserves.

About bwardam

Mr Batir Wardam is a Jordanian environmentalist with professional experience in disciplines of natural resource management, environmental policies and communication. He has a 15 years working experience with national academic institutions, NGOs, the government of Jordan and international and regional environmental organizations including UNDP, UNEP and IUCN. Mr Wardam is currently working with UNDP as a project manager for the third national communication report on climate change in Jordan.
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3 Responses to Upcycling in Jordan: Creative Solutions

  1. Hana Faouri says:

    Hi, this is Hana Faouri.. i found this post by accident, i would like to thank whoever wrote it 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  2. Batir Wardam says:

    Hana you are most welcome

  3. CarlotaLeavi says:

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