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The Environmental Dimensions of Arab Revolutions

It has been a breathtaking show for the last couple of months, and is still open to all scenarios. The wave of Arab revolutions and public uprising has been changing the political landscape in almost all Arab countries since the … Continue reading

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Reform in Jordan: Time for Delivery

In the past few days, we have all been closely following the political turmoil in Egypt after the revolution in Tunisia and thinking about the consequences on Jordan. In a step that is consistent with the traditional crises management system … Continue reading

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Strategic Foresight: Rethinking Middle East Water

The flow of reports and assessments on the water situation in the Middle East will never stop, while the actual water flows in rivers is being diminished. This is becoming a major hot issue that may contribute to more instability … Continue reading

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Upcycling in Jordan: Creative Solutions

Managing the wastes coming out of our society, and turning them into useful products is the ultimate challenge for sustainability. Once we make the elusive transition from a disposable culture into a re-use culture we can be able to manage … Continue reading

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