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Momentum Increased in Ajloun anti-deforestation campaign

A milestone in the evolution of the civil Jordanian environmental advocacy “lobby” is currently being laid within the context of the social campaign against the proposed military academy project in Bergish/ Ajloun that would cut down 2,200 natural trees, some … Continue reading

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Sahara Forest in Aqaba to turn sun and seawater into food and drinkig water?

Honestly I was surprised more than thrilled to read about this next huge thing to be promised to materialize in Jordan. The report published by CosmicLog hosted by MSNBC does not shy away from stating that a new green machine will … Continue reading

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Green Economic Development in the Middle East

By: Batir Wardam It is easy to note that green economic development is gaining more momentum in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This can be attributed mainly to necessity more than a lucrative option to select between various … Continue reading

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Education and Training for Green Jobs in Jordan

By: Batir Wardam Jordan’s entrance to a knowledge economy depends not only on policies, legislation and regulations developed by the government or investments by the private sector. It is also based on qualified and well-trained human resources to deal with … Continue reading

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Measuring economic costs of environmental deterioration in Arab countries

By: Batir Wardam It has became a common conclusion for both environmentalists and “green economists” alike that any breakthrough in commitment to environmental remediation will only be economically feasible when the evidence is conclusive that the cost of remediation is … Continue reading

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Twenty Steps for the Rehabilitation of Zarqa River

By: Batir Wardam The continuous deterioration of the ecosystem components of the Zarqa River Basin since almost three decades is one of the biggest environmental challenges in Jordan. The Zarqa River Basin has been categorized by the Jordanian government as … Continue reading

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